When we designed the buildings, we set two objectives:
  • To create a comfortable, bright and relaxing area.
  • To use natural bio-compatible and recyclable materials in harmony with the environment.
The “INTEGRATED DESIGN”, understood as an interdisciplinary approach to architecture-related domains, helps achieve the objectives set at the beginning of the project.
Here are a few examples:
  • AUTONOMOUS HEATING SYSTEM FOR EACH APARTMENT - each owner can choose to heat their apartment only when they come back from the mountains (antifreeze solution).
  • “COAT” SYSTEM BUILDING THERMAL INSULATION – it offers homogeneous and constant protection during winter (it reduces heating costs), and considerably diminishes the heat input in summer (outside heat versus inside temperature). This system also prevents the appearance of condensation and dampness. DSCN9895
  • SOUND INSULATION – by mounting insulation layers and false ceiling
  • LOW-EMISSIVITY WINDOWS – high insulation capacity.
CLABUCET RESIDENCE … the best experience of my life!